The Brooklyn Motion Capture Dance Ensemble is an organization dedicated to breathing life into emerging forms of artistic expression. Based on the belief that all people should have the facility and confidence to express themselves, BMCDE is committed to expanding who is considered an artist, and sonically empowering all movers through the exploration of technology-based experiences.


The ensemble is lead by Brian Ellis, Artistic Director, and Erin Landers, Movement Director. Company members include Sophie Delphis and Zack Gonder.


Please follow us on instagram to stay appraised of upcoming shows, events, workshops, and experiences.


2024.3.31 - Deep Listening in Motion. 3:00pm and 7:00pm

2023.11 - SPLICE Festival workshop and concert

2023.10.21 - Fish School - learn to swim. info

2023.3.6 - So Percussion's Brooklyn Bound concert series. info

2023.2.2-4 - MIXT: A Living Gallery. link

2022.12.10 - Brooklyn Motion Capture at the cell theatre. info